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Dec 162010

Project: Songs of Love and Hate
Artist: Erik Bünger
Curator: Francesco Cavaliere & Marcel Türkowsky
Previews: 26 January 19:00 – 23:00 & 29 January 21:00 performance of The Third Man
Dates: 26 January – 6 February 2011
Cost: Free admission

Project description:
The exhibition Songs of Love and Hate explores the other side of song. The song of an angel materializes as a parasitic creature inscribing sound waves directly into human brain tissue. The anthem of Barack Obama rings as the distant, ominous voice of a loved one, wailing to us from beyond the grave. The song of the crooner rises as an ubiquitous odour of male perspiration fucking the inner ear in slow, relentless undulations. The mother’s lullaby solidifies into an umbilical cord tied around the baby’s neck. The exhibition will present a number of recent works by Erik Bünger along with a new installation made specifically for the cellar of Grimmuseum.

Venue information:
GRIMMUSEUM is an non-profit artist-run exhibition space and platform for visual, performance and sound art in the premises of the former Luise Grimm Museum in the Fichte Strasse 2 in Kreuzberg, Berlin. The curatorial program of Cavaliere & Türkowsky serves the inspiration of a wider understanding of different cultural contexts and a critical approach to emphazise questions of how to experience a broader range of thouhgts, concepts and processes in fine art using sound as a basic material.

Das GRIMMUSEUM ist ein gemeinnütziger Ausstellungsraum und eine Plattform für visuelle, Performance- und Klang-Kunst in den Räumlichkeiten des ehemaligen Luise Grimm Museums in der Fichte Strasse 2 in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

GRIMMUSEUM, Fichte strasse 2 10967 Berlin

Opening hours: daily 14:00 – 19:00

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