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Partner: atelie R  Dumpe und Das Neuköllner Kellertheater
Exhibition: «up and down«
Artists: petra dumpe, elke graalfs, thomas goldstrasz, manfred kirschner  - the special surprise guest!
28 January 20:00  – open end
Dates: 29 January,  15:00 – 23:00, 30 January, 12:00 – 23:00
Cost: Free admission

Project description:
Petra Dumpe:
“Von karstadt” presents a special view into the life of outcasts of society –  junkies. A lot of visitors will for instance be surprised to learn that heroin addicts and those who have become ill under it´s influence can receive the medical substitution methadon or polamedon which can be prescribed by german doctors. The reality is that this stuff makes them much more dependant than heroin. (36 min, MiniDV, Berlin 2009)

Oma Versus Gaby” is a radio play mix of two “life women” talking. The first is 84 years old and speaks half an  hour without a break,  the other speaks and sings in the nocturnal streets of Berlin. (5,45 min, Berlin 2009)

Thomas Goldstrasz, Elke Graalfs:
“Sony Ericsson Romantic” is a joint work by Elke Graalfs (cell phone photo) and Thomas Goldstrasz (SMS text). The work began in January 2008 and continues to this day. It consists of a series of folded letters, 30×30 cm, into which a high quality color print of a cell phone photo – taken with the Sony Ericsson T610 – was glued and into which a text in SMS format – allowing up to 160 characters was typed with a mechanical typewriter. The line break follows the cell phone display.

«Sony Ericsson Romantik» ist eine Gemeinschaftsarbeit von Elke Graalfs (Handy-Fotos) und Thomas Goldstrasz (SMS-Texte). Die Arbeit begann im Januar 2008 und wird bis heute fortgesetzt. Sie besteht aus einer Serie von Faltbriefen, 30×30 cm, in die jeweils ein Colorprint eines Handyfotos – Aufgenommen mit dem Sony Ericsson Handy T610 – eingeklebt wurde, und in die jeweils ein Text im SMS-Format – maximal 160 Zeichen, der Zeilenumbruch folgt dem des Handydisplays – mit einer mechanischen Schreibmaschine getippt wurde.

Venue information:
For the last 3 years atelie R  Dumpe has been functioning as the accommodation and creative space of petra dumpe exibition place (showing young artists from Slovakia and Czech Rebublic) and the “Neuköllner Kellertheater” (the “cavern theatre” – just 1 year old).

Neuköllner Kellertheater, Boddinstrasse 12, 120 53 Berlin

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